PhpStorm Plugin

Help software engineers build and maintain software solutions in an efficient way. Keep the desired level of the PHP projects' code base quality with the enormous list of features!

Plugin Features



  • Avoid instantiating objects via ObjectManger instance
  • Detect session usage without Proxy declaration
  • Detect wrong Proxy declaration
  • Avoid cyclical event loops in observers
  • Avoid cyclical event loops in plugins
  • Do not include business logic in Observer classes
  • Preferences declared in the non global area
  • Use the proper area
  • Avoid creating helper classes
  • Add test source filter support for Magento
  • Action for a new Magento 2 module/theme generation
  • Auto-detection for installation path and local composer paths
  • Navigation support for PHP classes in XML files
  • Navigation support for Factory and Proxy classes in XML files
  • Navigation support for module name in config.php file
  • Navigation support for module name in module.xml (module dependencies under sequence tag)
  • Typed properties support for the dependency on implementation details quick fix
  • Copyright injection support for PHP and XML files (copyright module must be configured)
  • Detect dependency on implementation details
  • Analyse used code consistency with the specified module dependencies
  • Compare *.phtml templates overridden in the Magento 2 module
  • Show template overrides in the editor context action
  • Possibility to execute Magento CLI commands via Run Configuration
  • Validation for GIT commit that requires modules to be registered in etc/config.php file
  • Local composer paths support (custom source code roots)
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